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Ikkubaru - Memories

“When memory don’t always fade beautifully.”

The story sets in the subject’s present time, on an ordinary day commute when an old memory of a failed relationship suddenly resurface. Confronted by this the subject begin to flashback to his/her past feeling, vaguely remembering things as he/she cruised his/her way through the busy scenery of Tokyo. Memories and reality switch back and forth as the story progress, to a point where it only keeps fading away and nothing else. At the end of the commute, he/she appears to find a resolution, moving on to the next ride in life. 




Personal work


Taufik Fitrianto

Aril Aditian

Syreeta KO

Lidiana Rusli

Ratu Anjani

Ikkubaru - Memories 

Music Video


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